4 Denials That Can Ruin Your Life

4 Denials That Can Ruin Your Life

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Are you ever hard on yourself? Do you have a tendency to blame yourself for things that are—quite literally—beyond your control? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people are guilty of being overly critical of themselves. But for you—not anymore. This article highlights the four most common denials and self-criticisms that, if left unchecked, can ruin your life. Learn how you can keep these four psychological toxins from poisoning the well of your mind.

Humans are the only creatures that can engage in introspection. Giraffes don’t ponder the meaning of their existence. But we as humans do. However, with that great gift of self-awareness comes some of the harshest self-criticism known to mankind.

The bigger you are as a person, the bigger your blind spot. Anyone successful will tell you that the greatest attribute that led to their success, in whatever field it is, was getting over fear and one’s own internal negative voices. Those thoughts that tell you, “you can’t do it, don’t even try!” When we learn to charge forward despite our own internal skepticism, we begin to make great progress in life.

In going through the following 4 denials, ask yourself if you have been letting fear limit your life. Ask yourself what life would be like if you let go of each denial and allowed yourself to soar.

4 Denials We Live with:

Denial of our Abilities

1) Denial of our Abilities

People are good at things because they practice, not necessarily because they are just natural. We deny our own abilities in the greatest self-sabotage available to mankind. Make a list of what your abilities really are and begin to focus on what positive steps you can take to affirm your skills and hone them.

Denial of Responsibility

2) Denial of Responsibility

We love to attribute our failing by blaming them on external circumstances. This plays our very negatively in relationships. When we blame others for our problems, this usually only makes the situation worse. This is not to say that others are not contributors to the issue. But, train yourself to look inward as your first reaction before placing blame elsewhere.

Denial of the Self

3) Denial of the Self

We are often not aware of our own needs. For example, there’s a general misunderstanding that believes that the more of a martyr you are, the more you give of yourself and don’t take, the better of a person and  parent you are. This is so wrong. You need to take care of yourself and teach your kids to do the same. There are plenty of opportunities for selfless acts, but don’t allow yourself and your needs to disappear or you will be left frustrated and depleted.

Denial of the Spirit

4) Denial of the Spirit

If you’re part of a religious group, embrace the spiritual connection. The spiritual/emotional/moral beliefs that we hold are what bring much meaning to over lives.

When we put these four topics in front of our conscience mind, we will learn ways to better bring out our own unique qualities.
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