6 Ways to Give and Receive Love

6 Ways to Give and Receive Love

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we’re never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.”

–Brene Brown

Giving and receiving love requires its own set of rules. Let’s talk about principles of Gary Chapman who argues that love is communicated in different languages. One may feel love when they receive gifts. Others may need words of affirmation or physical touch. Whatever the language may be, if we aren’t approaching each other with this knowledge of what one needs to feel loved, then we may be missing the mark in our efforts to love one another. Tune-in to find out how love is communicated and how a few kind actions in our relationships can make a huge impact. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of how our own defenses and fears get in the way of our giving and receiving love.

6 Ways to Give and Receive Love

1)  Learn the Love Languages by Gary Chapman

      Gift giving

      Quality time

      Words of affirmation

      Acts of service

      Physical touch

Mr. Chapman teaches us that we usually give love in the way that we wish to receive it. Now, you can use this to better understand yourself, however, it is important to listen in or even ask the recipients of your love to understand what language speaks to them.

2) Explore your foundations – Look at your own past and how love was or was not expressed to you.

3) Start expressing love slowly. Give yourself time to warm up but get started today!

4) Be brave and vulnerable. It’s totally normal to feel resistance, but you will continue to trust and allow yourself to express and receive love.

5) Work on your own self-love. If you are feeling resistance in giving love, and have tried many things to get over this, yet still feel stuck, you may need to look inward. Do you have the ability and do you practically exhibit ways of loving yourself? Sometimes our own negative view of self gets in the way of our accepting that we are worthy or accepting love and able to give love.  

6) Embrace love as universal, versatile, and natural. Love is all around us, in the human and even in the animal kingdom. We all need it and want it and it helps us thrive in life.


Adding sincere love in your life will change everything. Try making small changes to see huge changes. If you need coaching, reach out to Joseph at Mind Your Mind

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