Episode 032 – 7 Myth-Busters About Boundaries

Episode Notes

In this episode, Joseph talks about the 7 mythbusters about boundaries. Boundaries are set for a reason, and setting your boundaries as a person, should be on your terms. Having boundaries should not be a problem, it’s simply setting limits for yourself and for others in an appropriate and respectful way. Listen as Joseph shares what these 7 myths are, and what truths about boundaries you should know.
Time Stamped Show Notes:
● 00:01 – Introduction to Mind Your Mind Podcast
● 00:22 – Today’s episode is the 7 mythbusters about boundaries
● 00:54 – “You best teach others about healthy boundaries by enforcing yours on them.” – Bryant McGill
● 01:14 – Myth #1: Boundaries mean that I’m selfish
o 01:28 – This myth is what parents impose on children
o 01:47 – Parents SHOULD set healthy boundaries
o 03:18 – “Boundaries do not mean you’re selfish if they’re executed properly and appropriately”
● 03:30 – Myth #2: Boundaries mean that I’m a rebel
o 03:46 – Pushing boundaries doesn’t mean you’re a rebel
● 04:15 – Myth #3: I will lose popularity
o 04:43 – Healthy boundaries mean not doing work or taking responsibility that isn’t yours
o 05:03 – Make sure to acknowledge other persons’ feelings if appropriate
o 05:14 – Relationships sometimes push boundaries
o 05:40 – Dealing with people with mental or emotional issues can confuse us with boundaries
● 06:04 – Myth #4: Boundaries mean that I am angry
o 06:28 – “Every relationship has its expectations”
● 07:45 – Myth #5: Others will hurt me with their boundaries
● 08:09 – Myth #6: I will hurt others with my boundaries
● 08:27 – Myth #7: Boundaries are not changeable
o 08:38 – Boundaries can be changed and modified
● 09:26 – Let other people know boundaries by enforcing yours
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3 Key Points:

  1. Boundaries bring almost a negative sense to people but it actually promotes otherwise.
  2. Setting up your boundaries don’t mean you’re selfish or you’re angry it’s just putting the line in between what’s okay and what’s not okay for you.
  3. Having healthy boundaries is the way to teach other people to set theirs.

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