Tips for Loving Yourself

5 Tips for Loving Yourself

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-brake on.”

– Maxwell Maltz

Why is This an Uncomfortable Topic?

Self-esteem and self-love is an undeniable, human need. How well we perceive and value ourselves affects all aspects of our lives, including our mental health. A low self-esteem can result in depression, anxiety, and essentially get in the way of us living our lives. So how do we “work on” our self-esteem? If we can learn to appreciate and accept who we are—our values and what we have to offer—this can pave the way to a positive self-esteem and a healthier life.

Define Esteem

At the core of mental health concerns is a lack of self-esteem. We all need self-esteem and self-love to succeed in life. People with anxiety or depression often have low self-esteem.

Dr. Glenn Schiraldi’s book, The Self-Esteem Workbook should be a bestseller, but I assume that people are too afraid, too stigmatized or too much in denial to actually buy the book. He defines self-esteem as the healthy balance between viewing yourself with hopeless worthlessness versus debilitating narcissism.

Low self esteem gets in the way of that which you are working to accomplish. This episode is in response to Jenny from Maryland, “How do I work on my self-esteem? I just seem to constantly get pushed down at work and home and can’t keep my head  up above water” Thanks so much for the question and I welcome all readers and listeners to click on Ask Joseph and ask away!

A: We have to be realistic, we have to know who we are. This is a great place to start. Let me share 5 tips to bring this out.

5 Tips for Loving Yourself

The 5 Tips for Loving Yourself:

  1. Define your role model. We all have people whom we look up to. Define who your people are and ask them, or read about them and their struggles. They are human, they certainly have them!
  2. Appreciate both your outer and inner world. Get in touch with yourself. Your environment makes a huge difference and your internal self-talk and thoughts impact how you feel about yourself.
  3. Respect yourself and others. You will see a great change if you work on this.
  4. Think about your values. Define what is important to you in life. You will find greater fulfillment if you are pursuing these goals.
  5. Polish your acceptance; work on accepting yourself. Self-judgment is the silent killer of self-esteem.

Small Changes; Big Results

Self-esteem is something that could impact your life. It’s a small item, but has huge proportions. When we have a better understanding of our identity, we accomplish more and we feel better about what we’re doing. You can make a change today.

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