In this episode, Joseph lists five practical ways we can control our anger. It is natural to feel anger in a stressful situation such as a fight with a partner or loved one. But yielding to our anger and its consequential actions rarely results in good; instead, it can perpetuate a fight and even worsen it. Tune-in as Joseph explains the five D’s that we can employ to manage our anger in those heated moments. By utilizing one of these suggestions, the hope is that we’ll be able to reach a peaceful solution rather than give way to a shouting match.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  •      00:01 – Introduction to Mind Your Mind Podcast
  •      00:23 – Today’s episode is about anger management
  •      00:30 – Ways to deal with you and your loved ones’ anger
  •      00:48 – Anger is a natural reaction which is elicited to grab other people’s attention
  •      01:00 – Anger is our body armor against feelings of fear, sadness and hurt
  •      01:25 – “For every minute that you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of your peace of mind”
  •      01:41 – The 5 ways to control your anger:

o        02:20 – Decibel Lowering: Shouting leads to hyperarousal, and it is likely that you will be shouted back at. Lowering your decibel causes your partner to mirror you and it stops the conversation from spinning out of control

o        03:19 – Delay: Amygdala, a part of the brain that helps us experience emotions kicks in faster than our logical brain. This is a problem. Calling a timeout when you experience anger lets your logical brain take over

o        05:06 – Distract: Quarantine a sensitive issue that is likely to cause a fight and talk about it at a more appropriate time

o        06:18 – Define feelings and a solution: When angry, the reptilian brain kicks in which does not permit you to arrive at a logical solution. It is wise to clearly express your feelings and prescribe a solution instead of succumbing to anger

o        07:09 – Diffuse: Cut your losses instead of worsening a fight; instead of making angry comments which are likely to further escalate a fight, it is better to diffuse the situation