Create the life you truly want.

What is Coaching?

When you hire a coach, you hire someone who works in partnership with you to help you achieve the life you want, both personally and professionally. A coach helps to clarify who you are, what you want, what’s blocking you, and works with you to move you forward. Coaches help clients come up with their own solutions and helps to keep them motivated towards achieving great results. A coach is not a counselor in that the focus is not on the problem, but on the solution. Coaches also contribute their own expertise and knowledge around a variety of topics.

  • You can stop trying to make everyone happy.
  • Learn to set boundaries.
  • Fill your life with abundance, not worry about money.
  • Find your life purpose and lead a life of meaning.
  • Deepen your relationships.
  • Fully utilize your strengths.
  • Eliminate the constant chaos of a busy life.
  • End the struggle to balance work and life.
  • Learn how to live in constant creative response to your ever-changing life.
  • Be fully present in the moment. Right here. Right now.

One-on-One Coaching

Single Session: $125

A single one hour (one-on-one) session is perfect for someone with one focused problem, or someone who has been through one of my programs below and wants a “keeping things on track” session.


4-Hour Quick-Start Intensive – $375

4 hours of one-on-one coaching with Ellen.  This takes place over three weeks.  The first week is a two-hour session followed the next two weeks by one-hour sessions. 2:1:1.   Any topic you want.  4 hours lets us get though a lot of stuff in a hurry.  This is for you if you want to jump in with both feet.
This program is usually held over the phone, but an in person session can be arranged.


Six Session Package: $550

Six sessions will allow us to dive deep into an issue or gives us the time to target more than one issue.
This package includes six one hour (one-on-one) sessions over the phone for six consecutive weeks.  This package is personalized specifically to your problems, challenges and solutions crafted just for you.