Episode 034 – 6 Ingredients For a True Apology

In this episode, Joseph talks about the apology. Interaction and relationships with people make mistakes and hurting others is inevitable. Even if hurting another person is not the intention, we have to realize that we all have to give and take. Listen as Joseph shares the 6 ingredients to help you deliver that true apology.
Time Stamped Show Notes:
● 00:01 – Introduction to Mind Your Mind Podcast
● 00:24 – Today’s episode is about the 6 ingredients to true apology
● 00:39 – It’s not easy to own mistakes but we all have to learn to apologize
● 01:01 – “Never ruin an apology with an excuse” – Benjamin Franklin
● 02:01 – The 6 Ingredients to True Apology
o Rewind – take a pause and understand what happened
o Remove Excuses – recognize that you have to be vulnerable in apologizing
o Remorse – people want to hear an apology with 2 parts of remorse: regret and pain
o Responsibility – own your mistake
o Repair – make it up to the person
o Repeat – be willing to constantly apologize and try to stay away from things that can hurt other people
● 09:10 – “It’s not easy to apologize”
● 09:38 – Amazing things happen when you apologize
● 10:11 – Please leave us a comment on Mind Your Mind and a review on iTunes

3 Key Points:

  1. Being vulnerable to admit a mistake and give an apology isn’t easy but very rewarding.
  2. Learn to remove excuses when apologizing.
  3. Be willing to constantly apologize when you make a mistake.

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